Tax Resolution for Unfiled Taxes

Innocent spouse reliefIRS issues will not go away. If you owe the IRS, it’s a serious problem you must address immediately. Failure to file your federal taxes is a crime punishable by jail time, up to one year for each year you fail to file. If you need help with unfiled taxes, do not delay. We here at WesTax, Inc can help.

By voluntarily filing your delinquent tax returns, you will most likely avoid additional IRS issues outside of paying the associated interest and penalties due. However, if you fail to file, the IRS can file for you, which means you will not benefit from the deductions you are entitled to, causing you to pay more than you should. By contacting our qualified FL CPA firm team, you can free yourself from nerve-racking tax issues and get back on track.

Unfiled Taxes Help

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